NEW! Capacity Calendar & Reservation Portal

We have some great news! The BeMyGuest Xplore Booking System now delivers a comprehensive capacity management solution, adding two new features that address the impact of health and safety precautions, and reduced resources on your business operations and customer flow. 

Capacity Calendar

If you are already an Xplore Booking System user your customers enjoy the ability to book directly on your website 24/7, and from today you now have access to a Capacity Calendar.

This module enables you to allocate individual capacity limitations for each of your products, and make the most of every sales opportunity while complying with locally imposed restrictions. Set simple maximum visitor numbers, or use the more advanced ability to stagger individual time slots for products with specific time periods. The Calendar has the flexibility to apply duration to fit any length of time of your choosing.


Once the capacity is updated to suit all of your products, the Calendar provides you with a clear view of customer reservations for each, which enables you to visualise your daily reservations, and identify which products have remaining availability.

Reservation Portal

With capacity control activated for each of your products, availability is reflected in real time for all customers booking through your Xplore E-commerce Store, and also right across the BeMyGuest Distribution Network, so you can be confident your sales accurately matches your availability through these channels. 

While the capacity management solution has been designed specifically to work seamlessly for Xplore Booking System users who also sell through our Distribution Network, we understand that you work with other third parties too (Online/Offline Travel Agents, Corporate Clients and even Group Sales). Since all of these channels deliver customers to you, we want to ensure you are as empowered as possible to control your capacity, regardless of where your customers book. 

To this end we also developed the Reservation Portal for Xplore Booking System users, so all customers from your third party channels can reserve their desired time slot in real time, giving you the ability to capture and manage those customers through the Capacity Calendar and eliminate overbookings from as many sales channels as you need.


If you’d like to activate these modules in your Xplore Booking System, contact your account manager. And if you’re not already using the Xplore Booking System to automate your business operations, contact for more information.



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