NEW! Xplore WebPOS, designed specifically for attractions, tours and activities

Adaptation has been the name of the game for the travel industry throughout this pandemic, and for BeMyGuest, specialists in B2B distribution and technology solutions for Asia’s attractions, tours and activities sector, responding to the challenges that operators face during this difficult time has been a top priority. 

Our company's focus has always been to provide online solutions for the travel activities sector for ultimate and streamlined connectivity, increasing efficiency and maximising sales channel opportunities. And now, we have taken our solutions one step further.

We have now developed our first software module designed for offline transactions - Xplore WebPOS, designed for operators to sell faster over the counter while delivering the best possible arrival experience for their customers.

The software module has been created specifically for travel activity operations as an alternative solution to more traditional, and complicated generic style POS systems, that don’t quite fit the unique scope of needs for this sector. As a result of the pandemic, operators are seeking solutions that tackle today’s challenges, such as minimising pressure on limited resources, delivering customers seamless and safe contactless entry, and upgrading operational efficiency wherever possible.

Access, speed and flexibility are the major differences between traditional POS systems as most of us know it, and web-based POS systems. 

WebPOS allows operators to process transactions online, without the need for clunky computers or heavy countertop machinery tied to one location in a venue.

The software module is accessible on multiple devices, including laptops, tablets and smartphones, giving activity operators the flexibility to run operations from anywhere.

It also eliminates queuing with speedy direct entry and provides freedom of movement for teams who can take payments from multiple locations, with all transactions and sales history accessible and stored securely online, and not on one fixed device. Speed and mobility are of particular relevance in today’s COVID world.

In addition to an operator’s entire range of products, they also have the flexibility to add their own merchandise and ancillary products, including photo packages, souvenir collectibles, along with food and drink items. Operators can also add unique product upgrade items reserved only for walk-in customers, provide staff and corporate partner discounts, special event tickets, weekday or birthday promotions, and more. 

Reconciliation for guests who arrive with tickets from third party travel agents is simplified with the ability to separate agent billing from walk-in customer sales. Operators can update retail pricing at any time, set multiple payment method choices, including cash, PayLah, credit card, GrabPay and more.

Daily cash floats can be managed for simple change requirements, along with opening and closing functions. The dashboard displays detailed user records, times and itemised activity history, with the ability to void, cancel and manage, all from one centralised system.

The software is multifunctional and useful, enabling the operator to see total sales today/for the week, search by product types, transactions, payment methods, refunds, and access detailed reports at any time. 

Optional WebPOS Hardware

Software as sleek as this requires an appropriately fitting piece of hardware! We’ve selected the perfect (optional) hardware to suit. 

The popular Mini hardware version is compact, modern, stylish and built for speed, yet still very robust and durable. A fully functional, Windows compatible sales point that doesn’t clutter bench spaces, it comes with a built-in receipt printer and high resolution touch screen.

USB ports provide the flexibility to connect whatever you need to the hardware. Handheld ticket scanners, cash drawers, wristbands or additional ticket printers, even a customer facing screen if required. Powered by a rechargeable battery for enhanced mobility, the Mini POS hardware is the perfect match for Xplore WebPOS, and appropriately designed for the attraction, tour and activity business. 

We’re also able to review the potential to affordably integrate and upgrade systems with existing web-based hardware, with the Xplore WebPOS solution.

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